Traditional Wood Flooring

HOW WE DO IT — Finishes

Sealers gallery

Sealers (BONA)

Sealers are perfect for kitchen and bathroom environments where there are high levels of water and moisture.

They are hard wearing and require less maintenance than hardwax oils.

Hardwax oils gallery
Hardwax oils

Hardwax oils (OSMO)

Wood finished with these requires some maintenance but can be easily repaired if any damage does occur. They provide a deeper antique sheen. They are more suitable to environments like sitting rooms, bedrooms and halls.

Hardwax and other oils can, with the correct maintenance programme, keep a better surface for longer, especially in high traffic areas.

Staining gallery


There are many different ways of achieving a stain finish.

It can be done through top coats of hardwax oils or by staining the bare timbers prior to finishing.

Different stains are available from old water-based dyes like ‘Van Dyke crystals’ as well as using modern spirit-based stains like Bona create.

Drying times depend on the finish used and rule which need to be followed prior to applying the top coat.

Bleaching gallery


This is done by a powerful part A/part B set and is generally used for lightening very red/orange pine (some Georgian pine etc.).

It is sometimes used to whiten wood and make a base colour before either re-coating or mildly staining to tone the colour.

Oxalic Acid is another bleaching agent; useful in removing oxidised nail hole marks and to mildly lighten some woods.